Meet Magento España está aquí, y el próximo 27 de octubre (domingo), el equipo de interactiv4 organizará el #ContributionDay para desarrolladores de Magento 2. Un evento donde los desarrolladores de Magento pueden manifestar, compartir y contribuir con sus habilidades para mejorar el proyecto OpenSource Magento 2.

Meet Magento Spain is here, and the next October 27th (Sunday), interactiv4 team will host #ContributionDay for Magento 2 Developers. An event where Magento developers can manifest, share and contribute with their skills to improve the OpenSource Magento 2 project.


All participants will receive advanced insight into Magento 2 and work side by side with Magento Core architects.

No matter if you are a newbie or an experience M2 developer, all people are welcome to network, learn, share and enjoy while contributing to the Magento 2 core.

Be an active part of the awesome Magento Community and join us!

Sign up, and you will work on the Magento 2 Core with Max Yekaterynenko, Igor Manialo and Magento Engineering team among other Magento Masters and famous developers from The Magento Community.

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